K-Net Services

Brian Beaton - K-Net Services Coordinator, Ext. 1251 
Marie Carson - Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, Ext. 1269/1335
Penny Carpenter - Network Business Manager, Ext. 1285 
Jeannie Carpenter - Operations Manager, Ext. 1250
Adi Linden - Network System Analyst, Ext. 1257
Terence Burnard - Network Technician, Ext. 1268
Dan Gaudette - Network Technician, Ext. 1270
John Moreau - Help Desk Technician, Ext. 1253
Lars Dixon - Balmertown Computer Technician, Ext. 1264
Cal Kenny - Multi Media Producer, Ext. 1254
Jamie Ray- Help Desk Technician, Ext. 1256 
Lyle Johnson - V/C Coordinator, Ext. 1387

Tabitha Jourdain - SchoolNet/CAP Administrator, Ext. 1259
Angie Morris - SchoolNet Youth Coordinator, Ext. 1711
Kanina Terry - Graphic Design/Website Developer, Ext. 1500
Jesse Fiddler - Data Management, Ext. 1712

K-Net Computer Services was mandated by the Northern Chiefs in 1994 to fill a gap in the area of computer communications. Since that time the Computer Services department has developed and maintained K-Net, a computer bulletin board and e-mail service with 500 active users among Sioux Lookout District First Nations. Funding for K-Net Services is project-based.

Other services provided by K-Net Services:

  • operates a HelpDesk for First Nations schools who are getting Internet access through School-Net
  • established a website for Keewaytinook Okimakanak and member First Nations
  • advocates for full broad band capacity in member communities and in other NAN First Nations
  • develops and maintains computer networking support in member First Nations in and between the Sioux Lookout and Red Lake offices
  • develops and delivers a wide range of training and capacity building programs aimed at strengthening computer and telecommunications expertise at the community level

K-Net Services

P.O. Box 1439, 115 King Street
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
P8T 1B9
Tel: (807) 737-1135
Toll Free #: 1-877-737-5638
Fax: (807) 737-1720
Website: http://services.knet.ca

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